SFTG Associates Business Consultants

SFTG Associates Business Consultants Miami - Website

Powersites Group provides Website, Social Media management, and PR services to SFTG Associates Int’l business consultants based in Miami, Florida. SFTG Associates provides award-winning executive staff with combined corporate and business experience of 50 years. SFTG Associates works with nonprofits, for-profit businesses and startups to maximize existing assets and optimize organizational structure, program development, fundraising, […]

How to Turn Off Facebook’s Facial Recognition of You

Are you allowing Facebook to use Facial Recognition technology on you without your permission? Could be, since Facebook has been allowing this capability in your Privacy Settings as a default, so the burden is on you to change your Privacy Settings and disable this feature. You won’t see the term “facial recognition” used in your […]

Writing Irresistible Email Subject Lines

Last blog I wrote about the exceptional email subject lines produced by iMedia. I’m following up with some resources for inspiration and best practices on eMail Subject Lines: Article on eMail subject lines by Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger and co-founder of Scribe SEO software. How Subject Lines Affect Deliverability by Robert Meisel. Good Subject […]

Crafting Killer eMail Subject Lines, iMedia Shines

The Holy Grail of email marketing is the killer subject line. Volumes have been written on the importance of that small string of text. The subject line must break through jaded, overloaded, over-emailed recipients with an irresistible call to Open, using key terms, all within a space far tinier than a Tweet. I was inspired […]

The Ten Laws of Career Reinvention Review

The Ten Laws of Career Reinvention Pamela Mitchell, a Harvard graduate and longtime corporate executive, reinvented herself and founded the Reinvention Institute, a coaching and motivational company that helps others to re-engineer their careers. Her book, The Ten Laws of Career Reinvention , has helped her become the life reinvention expert for top media such […]