Things Businesses Should NOT Do on Facebook

The Hubspot blog is one of my favorites, and this well written list of Facebook tips for businesses is an example of why I like to share some of their articles with you. 17-Things-Marketers-Should-Delete-From-Their-Facebook-Strategy-NOW. Some of the steps are standard, but worth repeating. For example, if you’re a business you ALWAYS want a Page not […]

Social Media Must-Read for Teens & Tweens

Ordinarily I write on the ways social media can be used to spread your message, market your service, products, or books. But I have run across a truly great piece by Joellyn (Joey) Sargent, president of BrandSprout Social Media. While she makes social media her business, a situation recently impelled her to write this open […]

Nonprofits Should Watch Free Starbucks Experiment

Nonprofits looking for new and creative ways to encourage donations should keep Jonathan Stark’s free Starbucks coffee experiment on social sharing in mind for the future. As a marketing experiment, Stark let people download his Starbucks card to buy free coffee, asking them to keep purchases to $3.00. For the most part, they did, although […]

MPower Philosophy Marilyn Oliva Marketing Strategy

Project: Website for MPower Philosophy. Co-founder Marilyn Oliva, MBA, brings Fortune 500 corporate marketing experience to research and create strategic marketing programs and marketing plans that assist companies in reaching their goals, from concept to ROI metrics. MPowerPhilosophy will also design and develop online promotional pages, as well as brochures, sell sheets, ads (online & […]

Author Awarded Damages for Spiteful Inaccurate Book Review

A recent court ruling in London set the bar higher for book reviewers who give spiteful or damning reviews. A High Court in London awarded author Sarah Thornton £65,000 in damages to compensate her for a single slashing review of her non-fiction book on the art world, according to FT.Com The case turned on the […]